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My first artist to feature as one of my FOSL (Friends of Shane Larmand) Indie pals is James Carr, a great musician and songwriter who I've been lucky enough to have grace my upcoming single release, "Road of Pain." Here is the description of James' music according to his bandcamp page (

"James Carr is a singer songwriter that is not afraid to pour his heart and soul into a song. His knack for story telling and connecting with audiences draws them in to be part of the experience. He has been the singer in many bands spanning both coasts of the United States. His music is best described as Grooving rock and roll with a slice of Americana and a side of Country smothered in soul!"

​Carr's most recent release, "Goddess Reborn," is another high quality slice of folk-rock steeped in Americana. The first track, "Like a Dream," is a sweet up tempo rocker with some fantastic lead guitar work just meant to kick off an album, while "Goddess Reborn" brings in a bit more mood and shadow with it's great groove. Also, how about that cover art? All the seasons and terrains surrounding the Goddess helps to create that earthy, warm feel that Carr's music evokes. "Been Out Walking" takes us on a little journey into a "freedom and reflection" theme that Carr often brings into his writing. The drumming on this track is very groovy, with nice ghost notes on the snare filling out the rhythm in style. "Queen of the Fairies" takes us in a very foot-tapping, happy direction that can make one reminisce on The Allman Brothers Band, especially in the intro/outro lead guitar work. "Tonight" rounds things out on this EP with a darker, but uptempo shuffle-train groove (not a very common combination) that has one simultaneously thinking of rockabilly and Cash, especially in the sweet vibrato-laden background chords in the verses. Throughout, Carr's voice is strong, emotive and energetic. Check out the "Goddess Reborn" EP if you happen to love music in the Petty/Young/Allman Brothers/Pearl Jam vein. These wonderful little earworms will keep digging away if you give it a shot.

Here's the link to the Bandcamp album:


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