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Atmospheric and Ethereal Instrumental Artist: Remi Gelin

Checking out Remi Gelin's sparse and interesting new recording; "Immersion," leads me down mellow and warm trains of thought. It begins loosely, with understated chords and gradually builds in some hypnotic drums, drops them down and begins to build up volume and intensity. One could imagine sitting back in the airliner chair with noise reducing headphones and just drifting away into this mellow intensity as you fly off to unknown lands.

There's a timeless quality to the music and at around the 6:00 mark the music begin to rock! The drums pick up heavily with booming toms and smashing crashes while the tremolo and echoey guitar continues its journey throughout the change. Finally, all of this bombastic energy falls into a mellow and quiet exit as the sunset fills the visual screen. Beautiful.

The title is apt. I feel Immersed in this symphony of trance sounds. Check it out if you think this is your kind of jam.

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